Auditions for One Man, Two Guvnors

We are proud to be presenting the award-winning comedy One Man, Two Guvnors by Richard Bean in May 2019.

Director: Carol Dicker
Producer: Josie Dwyer

Auditions will be held on Monday November 12 from 7pm at the Richmond School of Arts. Some callbacks may be held on Wednesday November 14.

  1. Download and read the Audition & Information Pack.
  2. Download and complete the Audition Form, and bring it with you to your audition.
  3. Book your audition time online. Audition timeslots are 5 minutes. You may be asked to stay and read opposite other auditionees.
  4. Read the Audition Piece/s for the character/s you are interested in auditioning for (see more information below).
  5. Prepare 32 bars from a 1930s song to either sing acapella or with a backing track on your phone. Not all people cast will sing. This is to help us identify which cast to assign songs to. Songs will be used in scene changes and to underscore certain moments in the show.

If you have any questions about the show or the auditions, please contact Carol on 0414 714447 or


Francis Henshall is an out of work (and hungry) musician who accepts a job from two different employers, Roscoe Crabbe a gangster and Stanley Stubbers an upper-class idiot, neither of whom knows about the other. Roscoe is actually his twin sister Rachel Crabbe in disguise (as Roscoe has been murdered by Rachel’s boyfriend Stanley). To complicate matters further, local mobster Charlie ‘the duck’ Clench has arranged for his daughter Pauline to marry Roscoe, but Pauline is in love with over-the-top amateur actor Alan Dangle. Add in two identical trunks, secret letters, unwitting audience volunteers, a doddering waiter with a pace-maker and Francis’ pursuit of his twin passions—Dolly (Charlie’s feminist bookkeeper) and food—and mayhem ensues.

We recommend you watch an extract of the West End version to get a sense of the speed and comedy of this play:



Francis Henshall | stage age: 30–50 (Cockney/London accent)
Ingenuous, out of work musician. Cheeky, clumsy, slightly stupid but likeable. Middle-class English accent. Some acrobatics and ‘stunts’, so needs to be physically fit.
Download Audition Pieces for Francis: Audition Piece 1, Audition Piece 2, Audition Piece 3

Stanley Stubbers | stage age: 25–45 (Upper-class British accent)
Criminally inclined, upper-class Public schoolboy idiot (a mix of Percy and Flashheart from Blackadder II). Lover of Rachel Crabbe. Plummy and well spoken, upper-class British accent.
Download Audition Pieces for Stanley: Audition Piece 1, Audition Piece 2

Charlie ‘the duck’ Clench | stage age: 40–60 (Strong cockney accent)
Retired Eastend London gangster. Manipulative, cunning father to Pauline. Strong Cockney accent.
Download Audition Pieces for Charlie: Audition Piece 1Audition Piece 2

Alan Dangle | stage age: 20–40 (Well-spoken British accent)
Wannabe actor and boyfriend of Pauline. Always posing, actor stances and gestures. Well-spoken with overemphasising language. Almost Shakespearean (but bad Shakespearean).
Download Audition Piece for Alan

Harry Dangle | stage age: 45–60 (Well-spoken British accent)
Crooked solicitor to Charlie, and Alan’s father. Untrustworthy, smarmy, dapper. London accent (not Cockney) but well-spoken.
Download Audition Piece for Harry

Gareth | stage age: 30–50 (‘Fruity’ accent)
Head waiter at Cricketer’s Arms pub. Camp, chirpy, efficient. Possible doubles as Policeman, Nun, Taxi driver.
Download Audition Piece for Gareth

Alfie | stage age: 50+ but needs to be played by someone younger (Old and croaky accent)
Ancient waiter at Cricketer’s Arms pub. Deaf, almost blind, wears a pacemaker. Confused, slow, clumsy, shuffling. Some prat-falls and running so must be physically fit, and highly comedic (and prepared to be aged with makeup).
Download Audition Piece for Alfie


Rachel Crabbe | stage age: 20–35 (Mild cockney as herself, Strong cockney as brother)
Twin to Roscoe, dressed to impersonate her dead brother. Confident, overly masculine in speech and movements. Energetic, in control, can put on a gruff ‘masculine’ voice.
Download Audition Pieces for Rachel: Audition Piece 1Audition Piece 2

Pauline Clench | stage age: 18–30 (Strong cockney)
Charlie’s precious daughter and girlfriend of Alan. Stupid, ditsy, gullible, self-obsessed, typical ‘dumb’ blonde.
Download Audition Piece for Pauline

Dolly | stage age: 30–50 (Mild cockney)
Bookkeeper and secretary to Charlie Clench. Efficient, smart, cheeky, sexy, voluptuous, bossy.
Download Audition Piece for Dolly

Llola | stage age: 30–60 (Mild cockney)
Chef, Owns Cricketer’s Arms pub. Ex con and close long-time friend of Charlie. Smart, good business woman, straight talker, likeable, tough.
Download Audition Piece for Llola

Christine | stage age: any (Aussie accent)
Audience plant. Nervous, apprehensive, confused and able to be physically funny (e.g., ducking under a table, crawling on stage). Possible doubling as other characters.
Download Audition Piece for Christine

Old Lady & assorted characters | stage age: any
Non-speaking role, but must be physically funny.
Download Audition Piece for Old Lady


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