Interested in sound, lighting and stagecraft

I want to get involved, but not onstage!

Our new sound system

We are always interested in harnessing the creative talents of people who want to get involved in every aspect of backstage and production work, including:

  • sound and lighting
  • stage management
  • ushering and hospitality
  • production design, set and prop construction
  • theatrical makeup
  • costuming
  • musicianship

Richmond Players has been an incubator for people wishing to develop their skills and experience in these areas for many years.

Richmond Players has received numerous awards for its partnership with the BREED program to get students interested in stagecraft much-needed experience.

The committee is currently seeking people who want to take on a leadership role in sound and lighting, provide a coordinating role in sound and lighting design for our future productions, take an interest in training young people in sound and lighting, and help formulate a plan to continue to develop our facilities. We substantially upgraded our sound equipment in 2010 and plan to revamp our lighting system in the near future.

Please contact us to express your interest.

Biobox interior
Biobox interior





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